Honeywell QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier: HFD-010

The product – Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier is specially designed for small area use so don’t expect it to work on large areas.

Here is Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier that is best recommended for indoors. It is suitable for any small rooms, desktop use in office and helps in eliminating polluted air completely. If you are looking for a healthy compact purifier that can clear out any pollens lurking in indoors, then Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier will do the work for you.

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About the company

One of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers, Honeywell Store delivers you with various models, sizes and is a one stop destination for all your needs. Over the years, they have grown good in providing their consumers with a wide range of selection including humidifiers to ceiling fans or air purifiers to decorative door chimes that comes with scintillating features.

Few of the prominent features include wifi, touch screen and many more that delivers an user friendly experience to newbies who are stepping into the world of technology. For instance, the home standby generators are a blessing during power outages and stand strong even in times of power fluctuations thus giving a durable life to the system. Even the ceiling fan in your bedroom comes with a remote and a simple on/off design featuring an LCD screen.

Keeping in mind customer’s satisfaction as a priority, Honeywell store makes sure that all the products are absolutely secured in all ways giving you a sense of peace that you and your family are safe at all times which will improve the quality of your life to a great extent.

How does Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier work

The product – Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier is specially designed for small area use so don’t expect it to work on large areas. It claims to grab 99% of fine pollutants such as smoking, pet danders, pollen etc. while functioning silently. It comes with two pre-filters and a reusable filter so you need not go hunting for a replacement filter saving you good on extra bucks. These pre-filters captures all the big pollens lurking indoors while the inner filter features an ionizer that takes care of even the tiniest dust in the room and neutralizes them effectively. In simple words whenever the bacteria or virus enters the filter, it is neutralized to kill all the bacteria from your room. The result is a clean crisp air at all times.

Since the in-built filters are permanent, the maintenance cost is very much less since it can be rinsed and cleaned from time to time for optimum effects. The compact body takes up only little space so you can place it on your kitchen counter, floor, nightstand or a shelf.

The air purifiers of honeywell store come with 5 year warranty and a 30 day return policy. If for any instance, you are not happy with the product, make sure to return it within thiry days from the date of purchase.

Note that the in-built ionizer might not go well with people dealing with severe allergy ailments such as asthma so make sure you go with HEPA filter that are non-ionizing.
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Since this article is completely devoted you will find everything you need to know about the purifier before clicking on the ‘buy’ option.

While you can’t control the outdoor pollution especially for those who are living on cities where office and apartments are located near pollution filled traffic roads, you can certainly maintain the air indoors by purifying the air. Not many realise that even the smallest of things you ignore can really trigger runny nose, headache, sneezing and if neglected can cause breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis etc. If you notice closely, pet danders, mold in the bathroom, excess moisture from clothes during humid climate are all chances of boosting breathing issues in the body. You can take measures now by eliminating all the polluted air lurking indoors.

The Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier looks great keeping in tone with the functions it offers. Weighing approx. 8.7 pounds, the product is quite easy to maneuver around. In fact, you can even place on top of the shelf when need arises. The Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier comes with a compact and sleek design and is well engineered for its size. With an affordable price, you can easily fix them in small spaces such as bathroom, kitchen, office, hallway or bedroom and carry along with the work while it sits in the corner quietly and cleans the air inside.

Features of Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier

  • 5 year warranty on the product
  • 30 day return policy from the date of purchase in case you are not happy with the product
  • CADR certified which speaks a lot about the product
  • Two adjustable powerful fan with speed setup that will regulate the air flow for efficient and silent performance
  • Can filter the air inside upto 5 times an hour
  • Permanent and reusable IFD filter that works excellent for airborne allergens such as pet dander, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, kitchen smoke and other dust
  • Best recommended for rooms up to 62 sq. ft.
  • Patent IFD filters can capture up to 99% of particles in the environment
  • Energy efficient product that consumes power similar to a standard light bulb

For those who can take the con side with a pinch of salt, here are a few.

  • Few reviews say that the product really finds it difficult to chuck out daily smoking habits
  • Being a compact product, it is not fit for people who are dealing with high allergies or owners who are having large pets or even asthma sufferers
  • 2 out of 5 owners claim the product emits a burning plastic smell during initial usage
  • Last on the con side is its unit that tends to wear out quite quickly and doesn’t last long as expected

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Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier Reviews

Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier has received positive reviews from people. A general consensus opine that the system works excellent and delivers results just as promised. Many of the users use this as a bedroom purifier due to its compact feature. An honest system, users claim that it works instantaneously and gives a good sleep not to mention fixing them in the bathroom or kitchen area gives them good relief from mold allergens. It has received 4.2-4.5/5 star ratings in many websites.

On the down side, since Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier uses ionizer for its filtration process, it might not go well with people dealing with asthma or any other breathing disorder. If you are planning to order this product, make sure you take a mental note of this feature. Rare reviews complained about the noise when set the product in high speed. Though its not boisterous it can certainly cause a subtle degree of irritation.

Here is what people have to say.

“Good product” – Michael Hopfe

As always, Honeywell has given me a well designed product that meets my expectation. I like its quiet function not to mention easy to remove feature to take out the filters.

“Excellent device” – Christopher Pfeiffer

We bought two of these for each of our bedrooms as we have lot of allergens at home. The effect was almost instant. Within a few minutes, our bedrooms are clean and we are now having peaceful sleep every night. We definitely recommend the HFD 010.

“Very poor cleaning performance” – Michael w.

I purchased the product after reading the positive reviews online but I can hardly say anything positive about the product. Where do I start? It does circulate air around the room well but when it comes to grabbing the dust, there are more allergens around the unit rather than inside it. It is probably negative ions but come on its main job is to trap the dirt in the room. I have been using this product for six months now and it traps the same amount of dirt just like small 9 inch fan would capture in its grill. After using the product, I don’t feel I can recommend it.

“Works great” – John N.

Works just as expected. The filters are washable and the design is quite compact. It does provide some white noise but the room smells quite better. Overall, it is a good product but the filter builds up a static charge which gave me a brief little shock when I tried washing it. Bottomline, I would recommend it.[/restab]
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier work for me?

Honeywell air purifiers including the Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier has many features such as pre-filters along with inner filter not to mention UV lamp that promises to eliminate polluted air such as mold, pet danders or any other bacteria hovering in your room. However, do note that you need to choose the right model for your home depending on the size of your indoors. For instance the Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier is a compact product and works best for a small room or office desktop uses.

Where do I find honeywell air purifiers replacement filters online?

There are many websites online such as or the official website – where you can find replacement filters. The filters give excellent durability and whenever it needs replacement there is an indicator which gives you the message that your purifier needs replacement.

How are the reviews of Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier?

Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier has received mixed reviews from users. While many rave about the features and function of the unit, few claim that the unit makes sound when set on high speed. However note that the noise is not loud enough to wake you up but can certainly put a bad spin on a serene atmosphere.

Where can I download Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier manual?

The official website comes with downloadable format (.pdf version) of instruction guide/manual which can be downloaded for FREE online. Apart from this, you will also be provided with hard copy of instruction manual which includes cleaning instructions during delivery of the unit.

Are there any honeywell air purifiers coupon codes available?

There are many marketing websites such as or others that offer to give you the unit at a discounted price i.e. a further cut off from what the website is offering.

Is Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier available at amazon?

Yes, choose the right product that you need and you will find it on at an affordable price.

Is honeywell air purifier available at target or walmart?

Yes, honeywell air purifiers are available online at your friendly stores such as walmart, lowe’s, home depot, target etc.

Where to buy honeywell air purifier at a best price? is one of the best places where you can find top quality products including honeywell air purifier at an economical rate.

What is the customer service number of honeywell air purifier?

You can contact customer service at 847-701-3038, 847-701-3038 or at 847-701-3038 for your various queries.

Are honeywell air purifiers available at Canada?

Yes, they are very much available at your friendly online stores including walmart, home depot etc.

How does carbon filter of honeywell air purifier benefit indoors?

Apart from the pre-filters, the carbon filter of honeywell air purifier throws 99.97% of the pollutants indoors. Places such as office or home or workshop comes with various VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can prove detrimental to your health if exposed for a prolonged period. With carbon filter, you can keep breathing issues at bay. Right from tobacco smoking to pet danders, it gives you top-notch coverage.

Where will I find honeywell air purifier dealers near my area?

You can visit the website – for checking nearest dealer in your area.

Are there any bad reviews about honeywell HEPA air purifiers?

There are many reviews in various websites regarding HEPA purifiers of honeywell store and majority of them are actually quite good. Users have loved this product that comes with prominent features such as HEPA filter that inhibits growth of allergy ailments such as asthma while encouraging many users who are dealing with bronchitis, allergy to breathe easily whenever indoors giving a good relief to their ailment.

Does honeywell air purifier come with ionizer?

Not all, but few of the models of honeywell air purifier such as Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier comes with ionizer. The main responsibility of air ionizer is to capture them on an electrically charged collection plate which rests near the ionizing unit or simply force them out of your home. By removing these particles in the air, ionizers actually improve the air quality and cut down the quantity of pollens that enter your lungs.

Is ionization process in honeywell air purifier dangerous?

Not all, but people dealing with breathing problems best NOT buy air purifier with ionizer and can go with HEPA filtration. This is because few ionizers generate ozone that can be detrimental to their health.

Will honeywell air purifier help smokers?

Yes, honeywell air purifier is a hardworking system that helps to eliminate major of the health causes from airborne. If anyone in your home or office has a habit of smoking, you can neutralize the smell by installing a honeywell air purifier that simply sits in a corner quietly and helps in cleaning out unwanted foul odors from indoors.

Can honeywell air purifier eliminate pet danders?

Yes, the main focus of air purifiers including honeywell air purifiers is to eradicate airborne diseases including pet danders. If you have a pet in your home and if someone in your family is suffering from pet allergies, you can use air purifier that will not only help you maintain a pet but will also keep allergies away.

Is Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier recommended for large rooms?

Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier is best used for rooms upto 62 sq. ft. such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, desktop use etc. because of its compact body and specified engineering, it works best in the recommended area. If you are looking to purify large areas, then there are other models such as Honeywell 50250-S pure HEPA round air purifier that performs optimum for large spacious areas.

Where will I find Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier on sale online?

There are many websites such as where you will find honeywell air purifier at a reasonable price.

How does Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier benefit me?

While we all are feeling helpless about the growing pollution outdoors, there are certain things you can do to cleanse the air indoors. The main motive of Honeywell air purifiers is to purify the air indoors and cut down your health risks. If you are dealing with runny nose, headache, breathing issues etc. then honeywell air purifier delivers heavy performance filtration by clearing out pollens, pet danders, paint smell, foul odors (kitchen or tobacco smoke), VOCs from detergents, bleaches and giving you complete neutral air every time you enter your home/office.

What is the warranty period of Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier?

Honeywell QuietClean HFD-010 Compact Tower Air Purifier comes with 5 year warranty and a 30 day return policy. In case of dissatisfaction, make sure you return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. Make sure to keep your RMA in case of return.[/restab]