Raindrop – Nebulizing Diffuser

Essential oils and aromatherapy can help maintain better health for all. All you need to take care is to have a legitimate essential oil and use a proper device like a diffuser to get the maximum effects. Essential oils are concentrated substances that can be harmful to direct touch. These diffusers break the oil into tiny particles or dilute them in concentration to be safe. Here is a comparison of nebulizers vs ultrasonic diffusers.

Organic Aromas Nebulizers

Organic Aromas is one place you can be sure to get 100% pure essential oils. There you can also get different nebulizers that diffuse the essential oil as tiny particles into the air. These nebulizers are considered better than the Ultrasonic diffusers. Still, there are people who prefer ultrasonic diffusers as the nebulizers are expensive.

The nebulizers at Organic Aromas work on a special mechanism that is different and much more effective than any other methods.

Nebulizers Vs Ultrasonic Diffusers

Nebulizers, in general, work on air-pressure balance to get the essential oil into the air, as a mist. They are mostly made of glass since other materials could be dangerous as the essential oils are sometimes combustible. Glass is the safe option and best option. Avoid nebulizers that are made in other materials.

The main difference between nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers is that the nebulizer does not use water to create the mist. The essential oil mist from ultrasonic diffusers are diluted and are only a very small amount. Whereas the nebulizers can create a mist that is full of essential oils and this spreads faster as well.

Moreover, the nebulizers use micro-fine pumps to create the mist. The resulting mist would also have the finest particles of the chosen oil and they are able to spread faster.

Organic Aromas Nebulizers

Nebulizers at Organic Aromas comply with all that is mentioned above with noncombustible materials and finer particles of essential oils and faster spreading. The nebulizers here are made with a wooden base where the power supply and air pump goes into. The wood piece is also carved in different attractive designs. The nebulizers have this glass dome that is differently shaped. There are shapes like rain drop- which is the most popular of all, and other handmade designs with longer or shorter stems.

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The air from the pump comes forcefully through a very narrow tube that increases its velocity. The pressure at the exit point would then be, low. This causes a pressure difference from the tube and inside the glass dome. This difference causes a suction that brings in the essential oil from the adjacent little chamber.

The pressure difference takes the essential oil and carries it out to the air with force. This force makes the essential oil particles to break into smaller segments and diffuses faster. All of these happen in a matter of seconds. Thus the essential oil reaches the indoor air in their natural form without any heat changing them or mixing with even an ounce of water.

Parts And Types Of Nebulizers At Organic Aromas

The base of all Organic Aromas nebulizers is made of wood. The wood contains the electric circuit, power input, light switch, volume control, air pump etc. The device works on electric power. it works automatically, pre-programmed, to work for 2 minutes and power off for 1 minute. This continues for 2 hours after that it shuts off completely.

The LED that is present on the device is sensitive. You can rub the finger over the light and switch it on again. There is a volume control that helps reduce the noise that the nebulizer creates. The air pressure can make noise which is controllable by this knob.

The essential oil chamber can take in only a few drops of oil but that can last longer than you would imagine. When you need to refill, carefully remove the dome, fill in the oil with a dropper and replace the dome. When you do a change of oil, wash the glass dome carefully with a mild soap, and let it dry before replacing.

  • Radiance essential oil diffuser has a shorter wooden base with all the facilities. The wood is rounded and smooth with a flat top and bottom. The glass dome has shorter neck and designer sides.
  • Elegance also has a shorter wooden base with a wider base than the top portion. The glass dome used here is longer with a longer neck but slightly narrow belly.
  • Magnificent uses even narrower and short glass dome with all the necessary features. It is just 10 inches long. The LED lighting, volume control etc is all intact.
  • Raindrop is the most popular nebulizer from Organic Aromas. The dome is conical with the base forming part of the raindrop shape. Here the wooden base could be smooth or with carved designs such as dragon, elephant or Buddha.

As for the essential oils, you can get Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Grapefruit oil, Ylang Ylang oil etc. You can rest assured that the oil is 100% pure and natural with no adulteration.

You will also see what is special about the nebulizers at Organic Aromas. Before we go to the comparison lets first see the benefits of an essential oil diffuser.

Benefits Of Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers of any type are the medium that delivers the essential oils into the air. Breathing in the smaller quantity of such oils has health benefits such as,

  • Promotes relaxation to mind and enables to get proper sleep at night.
  • It is pleasant to the nerves and elevates the energy level and thus the mood
  • It has antibacterial properties
  • Can boost the natural immunity of our body
  • Certain essential oils can ease the breathing problems.
  • They can act as humidifiers, as in the case of ultrasonic diffusers.
  • Essential oils like chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary etc can relieve the pain in the body. They make the natural cure for headaches, joint pain, muscle pain etc.
  • Some essential oils can recharge the brain activity and improve cognitive health.
  • The nebulizers make an excellent replacement for incenses and candles as there would be no smoke to deal with. There would also not be any chemicals or such pollution. It saves from small burns or spills from candles.
  • Essential oils like lemongrass can repel insects and makes a natural alternative for chemicals in getting rid of the critters.

Nebulizers Vs Ultrasonic Diffusers Verdict

Nebulizers have its upper hand over the ultrasonic diffusers when it comes to working and effectiveness. But the nebulizers ARE expensive than ultrasonic diffusers, which comes highly cheaper. This is also the main reason why people prefer the ultrasonic diffusers over the other one. When matters come to doing business, it is the nebulizers that you need to rely on.


Due to the nebulizer mechanism and the purity of the essential oils, the price at Organic Aromas may not be what you expect. It is slightly higher than many other nebulizers. When you get the full benefits of pure essential oils in a world of adulteration, the price is not a big issue.