Organic Aromas Signature Blend

Signature Blend 100% pure essential oil has therapeutic benefits on users. Exquisitely designed, the instrument is crafted in such a way to deliver intense aroma without coming off too strong.

Organic Aromas offers you a scintillating blend of aroma oils to get rid of stress from your body. Used as a treatment form of aromatherapy, the Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend is enriched with natural oils that are exclusively designed as a nebulizing diffuser. Read on to know more about this product, signature coupon codes, features, reviews etc.

How Does Aroma Diffuser Work?

The nebulizing essential oil diffuser by organic aromas has therapeutic benefits on users. Exquisitely designed, the instrument is crafted in such a way to deliver intense aroma without coming off too strong.

Fighting off day’s work, dealing with anxiety or building stress, feeling blue, whatever be the reason, aroma diffuser calms your mood and infuses a positive atmosphere around your home.

Simply switch it on as you enter the home and within a few seconds, you can enjoy a relaxed evening. The aromatic blend of essential oils work on your senses and relax the tension in muscles. As a result, you will notice that your body feels light and much more “alive.

It is a perfect instrument for individuals, aromatherapists and businesses alike. The instrument is not rocket science but pressurized air that is combined with delicately hand-blown pyrex glass and hand-crafted hardwood base.

A true organic product, it does come with heated units or plastic diffusers that can be toxic to health. It works using Bernoulli’s principle that is explained step-by-step here at

The essential oil blend is not diluted and is available in the most concentrated form. Thus, the intensity is equally amazing giving you rich and powerful aroma at all times.

Features of Organic Aromas Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

An eco-friendly product, the salient features of Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend are

  • Safe to use – there is no heat produced during the diffusing process that makes it a breeze to handle.
  • Quiet to work – do your household chores or handle responsibilities at the spa without any distraction. The equipment is absolutely silent to perform.
  • Pure aroma – the essential oils are not diluted and are available to you in the purest form. This means they deliver optimum aroma at all times.
  • Therapeutic features – the aroma oil has therapeutic benefits that boost your energy levels and enhance your mood.
  • Low power bills – The diffuser consumes only a small amount of electricity without spiking up your energy bills.
  • No humid climate – the molecules of essential oils blend easily with the air and does not trigger any humidity or moisture in the air. As a result, the temperature of your home is casual while your mood is happy and cheery.
  • Plastic-free – Void of any plastic contaminants, the Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend does not contain any plastic tools nor does it have any off-gassing issues. Absolutely healthy for your body, it disperses aroma equally to wide spread areas.

A reliable product that will last long, the pure essential oil blend does is risk-free and hassle-free to handle.

Safety Measures While Using Aromatherapy Oils And Diffusers

There are certain safety measures that need to be kept in mind when you are using essential oils. Here are a few of the precautionary measures to be noted.

  • Since essential oils are flammable, make sure to keep diffusers and oil away from fire (candles, matches, cigarettes, electric work, open flames etc.).
  • If spilt on furniture, plastic or any natural materials, it can damage or melt through the product. So wipe it away quickly. Store the essential oils in dark colored glass than plastic containers. If the oil comes in contact with oxygen, it can spoil the essential oil.
  • Keep the oils away from babies, children and pets.
  • Always buy essential oils froma reliable source and do not buy cheap, flimsy quality diffusers.
  • Do not massage the aroma oils on your tummy as it fidget with the placenta. While essential oils have been beneficial to many mothers, always consult your medical practitioner before implementing this product. When pregnant, you might be sensitive to certain smell. At such instance, use the diffuser for few hours a day.
  • Make sure not to apply essential oils on skin or come in contact with eyes (it can cause loss of vision – temporary/permanent).
  • Absolutely inedible and toxic (when consumed), do not take this essential oil orally.

Consumer Reviews

Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend has received excellent reviews from users. People claim that the product is amazing and delivers best intoxicating smell ever felt!!!

Available in 10, 30 and 50 ml bottles, choose the one that deems fit for you. The product has gone down well with many users. The credibility of the company is seen in the way customers brag about their Organic Aromas diffusers that have helped many people.

The price is budget-friendly and actually makes sense for a product of such high quality.

Here are few of the Signature 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend customer reviews.

Doug K says – “This special blend is one of the most intoxicating smell I have ever experienced. The diffusers are unmatched. Organic Aromas has my business forever! The customer service too is best. A customer for life.”

Patricia S says – “I have got the oil diffuser as well the signature blend. While they included the oil as a gift with the diffuser, I just wanted to order more. Must say it is one of the soothing and delicious scents I have used in my diffuser.”

Leecie A says – “Love the wonderful smell, just soothes the mind. I do wish the bottle is a bit big…LOL.”

Organic Aromas Shipping and Returns

Organic Aromas ship their products anywhere around the globe. For US citizens, however, are eligible for FREE SHIPPING. Outside the US, you need to pay a small shipping fee.

The company offers you a hassle-free 7-day return policy from the date of delivery. In case you want to return, make sure to contact them and get an RMA. You need an RMA while returning the product. Also, make sure the package is returned in original condition for reimbursement.

For those who loved the product, organic aromas offer you a FREE one-year service warranty for all parts from the date of purchase. Note essential oils are excluded. Otherwise, if you are dealing with any issue, the company promises to repair/replace as deemed fit.

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Organic Aromas is an excellent website that offers fantastic products – aroma blends and diffuser at a great price. For those who are a fan of aromatherapy or simply crave for an aromatic fragrance to welcome you at home, then organic aromas will undoubtedly work for you.