Honeywell HFD-120-Q Air Purifier

With the rising pollution, air purifiers have become an inevitable part of life. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, healthy or recovering from an health condition, air purifiers benefit everyone who feel the need for a fresh air. In this post, we are covering how air purifiers can benefit your daily life. And why exactly Honeywell air purifiers top the list of most cherished air purifiers in recent times.

Do you suffer from

  • runny nose
  • wheezing
  • asthmatic condition
  • fatigue
  • frequent sneezing
  • headache
  • dizzy feeling
  • red eyes
  • coughing
  • breathing problems

Then, you need to check your indoor air quality. It is a known fact that people are more exposed to pollution from indoors than outdoors.

If you have a pet, pet dander (dead skin cells from pet’s body), pollen, mold, dust etc. then it is vital that you check your indoor quality. These situations may be the root cause of your health conditions. Without proper ventilation or leaving windows open at odd timings can rush in the outdoor pollution inside. This can lead to skin diseases such as eczema, itchy flaky skin or breathing problems due to congestion in lungs.

How Air Purifiers Help

Air purifiers benefit you and your family by cutting out the core problems that is causing trouble – bad air. Be it tobacco smoking, fried smell from kitchen, chemicals emitting from your laundry detergents/cosmetics, moist from your bathroom etc., air purifiers can actually work in neutralizing these toxic chemicals and gush them out from your home.

They are excellent for those suffering from low immunity especially kids and elder ones simply because they cut down bad health conditions. Few air purifiers come with ionizers as well that release negative ions that attach themselves to the allergens in the air, run it through the filter and voilaa…a healthy air right in your home. However, ionizers are still a controversial topic and needs good proof regarding safeguarding health.

However, the elimination of ionizer does not underplay the role of air purifier in your home or office. If you want alleviated health problems, better immunity and a fresh crisp air 24/7, then air purifiers are the best way to go.

That being said, here is what we will be discussing today.

  • Honeywell air purifiers – an intro
  • Top products of Honeywell air purifiers
  • Features of Honeywell air purifiers
  • Benefits
  • Warranty and Returns
  • Customer Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell Air Purifiers – An Intro

Be it office or home or factory, Honeywell provides you excellent products that will keep you wary off the chemicals in your home. This will make you realise how much you have been ignoring the pollution inside. Honeywell air purifiers come with HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of even the tiniest allergens indoors. The silent yet powerful performance of HEPA air purifiers from Honeywell includes carbon pre-filter that gets rid of household dust, mold and chemicals that trigger health hazards in more than one ways. Certain chemicals contain carcinogens (for instance, parafin candles that you use) which can lead to cancerous cells in the body.

Noise output is one of the problems that many consumers complain about since they have to deal with frequent rattling at night times. But not with Honeywell air purifiers. They simply sit quietly and work responsibly in clearing your indoor air. The ENERGY STAR Certified products of Honeywell air purifiers take the worry of huge energy bills. Only a quality product is worthy of such certification and this is what makes Honeywell one of the most preferred air purifier.

Top Products Of Honeywell Air Purifiers 2015 – 2016

Presenting top products of Honeywell air purifiers for the year 2015-2016 that has received wide praises for their qualities. The ultimate Honeywell air purifier buying guide for you based on customer reviews.

Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% pure hepa round air purifier

How does it feel when your home welcomes you with clean natural air – no odors, no humid feel? Great, ain’t it? Honeywell 50250-S allergen reduce air purifier offers you just that and much more. The HEPA filter is one of the prominent feature of this product. It captures 99.97% of even the tiniest allergens hovering in the air and clears it in a jiffy. The three stage filtration system shows efficient ability to intake air 360 degrees makes it one of the most powerful air purifiers seen in recent times. Moist and humid atmosphere in bathroom, basement etc. breed bacteria and virus that can be detrimental to you and your family.

The 50250-S Honeywell air purifier also features the carbon pre-filter that gathers the big pollens in the air and prevents them before entering the HEPA filter. This prolongs the life system of HEPA filter reducing foul odors as well. The design is somewhat a drawback giving the feel of a drum staying put right in your home. But then the quality and result matters the most making many users fall in love with it.

You will also be provided Honeywell air purifiers filters along with the package. Weighing 21 pounds, it is AHAM certified to clear up rooms upto 390 sq. ft. The CAD ratings include 250 for smoke, dust and pollen. Such is the result of HEPA air purifiers that many medical practitioners recommend this product.

Honeywell HHT-011 HEPA Clean Compact air purifier

Another top product of Honeywell air purifiers is the Honeywell HHT-011 HEPA Clean compact air purifier. They filter upto 95% of the airborne allergens. Stating the obvious, this air purifier is compact and absolutely portable making transfer from one room to another an absolute breeze. The pre-filter is washable and reusable making it last a good while.

It comes with three different settings for regulating the fan speed. Even when set on high level, the sound is barely audible and does not peel off the ceiling. It is an ARB certified product. This means that air purifiers must be tested for electrical safety and abiding with ozone emissions limit.

A versatile product, Honeywell HHT011 HEPA clean compact air purifier can be placed in both horizontal or vertical position in smaller spaces within 85 sq. ft. Looking like a make-up kit 😉 it goes great as travel air purifier too!!!

Honeywell Air genius series

The Air genius line (airgenius 3, airgenius 4 and airgenius 5) is one of the revised Honeywell HFD electronic grid with a aesthetic towered styling. NOTE that they are not HEPA filtered machines but basically electronic filtered HFD models.

Prominent features include minimal maintenance, quiet performance etc. An AHAM verified product, Air genius 4 and air genius 5 have a CADR of 160 for dust, 170 for pollen and 161 for smoke. However, air genius 3 tends to be a bit lower with CADR of 150 for dust, 160 for pollen and 146 for smoke.

While they clear out dust and allergens, they have little effect on odors and are probably not the best choice for chemical sensitivity.

Honeywell long-life pure hepa quietcare air purifier 17000-S

Featuring a soft-touch electronic controller to regulate the fan speed and light indicator, it comes with the famous HEPA filter that is efficient to grab the allergens and inhibit inhaling of pathogens.

The Honeywell 17000-S Quiet care air purifier is a portable air cleaner that works amazingly in an area of 168 sq. ft. Weighing only 13 pounds, the unit comes with two filters that goes merciless on dust, pet dander, mites, odors and other viruses hovering indoors. Benefits best for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, you will notice alleviated health conditions with everyday use.

The IntelliCheck feature of Honeywell 17000-S notifies you when your filters need replacement. The individual button informs you of the durability of filter. When activated a light blinks steadily. One blink means the filter has good lifetime and two blinks says less life. 3-4 blinks means prompt replacement.

One HEPA filter goes good around 1-3 years depending on the usage while pre-filter needs replacement every three months. You will get a 5 year warranty with Honeywell quiet care air purifier.

Features Of Honeywell Air Purifiers

  • long life vacuum HEPA type filters that can clear out 99.97% of the particles in indoor air
  • multiple settings for setting the speed of the fan
  • Intelli check reminder to keep you updated of when the filter needs to be replaced
  • AHAM and ENERGY STAR Certifications
  • Complies with ARB regulations
  • Surround seal technology that inhibits leaks and maximizes air flow through the filter
  • includes carbon filter that ensures bad smell is emitted optimally from your home or office
  • warranty provided for air purifiers and filters

Benefits Of Honeywell Air Purifiers

While air purifiers in general are beneficial in every way, Honeywell air purifiers offer you multiple benefits.

Let’s start with the HEPA filter. One of the most core essences is the HEPA filter without which any other feature doesn’t stand a chance. Clearing out almost all the harmful particulates in air, HEPA filter is a definite YES in Honeywell air purifiers.

Secondly, the pre-filter is washable taking the pain of replacing it every now and then. Washing and vacuuming is absolutely easy making the product durable and reusable to use time after time.

The three stage filtration technique (in some models) means low maintenance and prolonged life of your Honeywell air purifier.

Summing it up,

  • efficient HEPA filter
  • Honeywell air purifiers with washable filters
  • carbon filter to eliminate foul smell
  • 3 stage filtration system
  • multiple fan speed settings
  • alleviated respiratory and skin conditions
  • silent yet powerful performance
  • five year warranty on air purifiers

Warranty & Returns

Honeywell air purifiers give you a 30 day trial period from the date of shipment. This gives you good time to decide if the product is right for you. If not, simply contact the customer care and send the product back. You will get your money completely reimbursed (minus 10-30% restocking fee).

Honeywell air purifiers come with five year repair or replacement warranty if the product was found defective in material or workmanship. The company will repair or replace the product if it is found defective due to material or workmanship.

Customer Reviews – What People Say About Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell air purifiers has received quite some interesting reviews from people. To summarize the major highlights, Honeywell air purifier price is one of the prominent features that few users prefer. This is mainly because they are on budget. Another Honeywell air purifiers review claim that the parts of purifier are accessible that an be replaced easily. The permanent HEPA filter in Honeywell Enviracare 50250 air purifier is a benchmark for many and sets up standards that are difficult to meet. It has received 4.2 out of 5 stars overall based on consumer reviews in

Users also loved that fact that Honeywell delivered a unit that actually alleviates the health condition. Those dealing with sensitive skin loved that their itchy tendency has reduced a great extent. Asthmatic patients who were dealing with breathing problems, runny nose, wheezing etc. have given them a thumbs up. They feel easy breathing without any congestion, headache or related symptoms after using Honeywell air purifier.

However, few downsides include the look of the air purifier especially 50250-S. However that can be easily waved off considering the role of air purifier in our lives. Noise pollution is also an issue that seems to disturb many users especially when set in high speed. But setting them to medium or low would take away the cacophonous clatter at nights.

“Perfect” – The doctor

They don’t make a better filter for home. I have used it everywhere I have lived and there is no better product in my opinion.

“my room was dust ridden waste land before this product” – Amazon Customer

During the beginning, my room was a dust ridden waste land. Even the dust bunnies declared to become a sovereign nation. I was coughing and sneezing all the time. Then this lovely product (with some casual dusting too) happened! I love it. It is quite loud but then not the usual fan that sprays dust all over the room. This thing has a filter that actually filters the bad air. As long as you can take some noise in your messy apartment, this thing works like a wizard.

“Impressive air purifier ruined by cheap plastic” – K. Jaros

I needed a powerful air purifier to help me with my constant allergies. I have tried out varous air purifiers including the big HEPA ones and electrostatic types like the OreckXL. While traditional HEPA purifiers are big, noisy and produce heat, the air genius seemed quite good to be true.

The air genius 3 offers an excellent solution and an unparalleled clean air delivery rate (CADR) 160 for pollen that leaves other devices in dust. Just for comparison sake, HEPA tower type air purifiers come with CADR for pollen of 45-80 range. Indeed, the air genius blows out a lot of air. The massive output and oscillation works just great. The honeycomb filter eliminates air turbulence and reduces the wind noise created by ordinary fans. It is very quiet and performs good as well. The only con side is that such great features are somewhat spoiled by the cheap plastic materials used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honeywell 50250-S air purifier available at retail stores?

No, Honeywell 50250-S air purifier are available only at ONLINE retail stores such as home depot, Wal-Mart, target etc.

What is the best Honeywell air purifiers for allergies?

There are many products by Honeywell air purifiers that work best for people from allergic conditions. Depending on the clearance area, you can choose the one for you. If you are using for a small space such as bedroom, Honeywell True HEPA compact tower air purifier HPA-060 is best advised.

What Honeywell air purifier come with permanent filters?

To quote a product, Honeywell Quietclean Tower Air purifier, HFD-110 comes with permanent filter that is absolutely reusable due to its washable feature. It comes with filter replace indicator and chucks out 99% of the allergens indoors.

How does Honeywell HHT-011 air purifiers work on allergies?

Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier but then all Honeywell air purifiers reach out to the core and get rid of pollens, animal dander, moist that breed bacteria, tobacco smoke, chemicals etc. that are one of the main causes of respiratory disorders. Bad air indoors pass through the filtration system and are transformed as fresh air while the filthy pollens are chucked outside.

Can Honeywell 17000-S air purifier get rid of bad smell of cigarette smoke?

Yes, all Honeywell air purifiers including Honeywell 17000-S are made to eliminate foul odors, chemicals from indoors.

Where can I find Honeywell 17000-S air purifier cleaning instructions?

You will find them right at the official website at the respective products section. You can download them right away in the PDF format.

I want to purchase Honeywell HHT-011 but the price is a bit over my budget. Are there any Honeywell air purifier coupon codes or discount codes available?

Yes, there are offers provided by Honeywell air purifier in many sites such as including the official website as well.

What is the Honeywell air purifier energy consumption?

It depends on the model that you are using. While some models take 75 watts when set on high speed, 61 watts on medium and 57 watts on low. If you are using ionizer the energy consumption increases. But since the products of Honeywell are ENERGY CERTIFIED you don’t have to bother much about the energy consumption.

What is the best Honeywell air purifier extra large rooms?

The Honeywell 50250-S is built not only for small but extra large rooms as well upto 390 sq. ft.

Is Honeywell air purifier available for sale online only?

Yes, they are available online only but the 30 day trial period will take off the worries from your mind. You will get ample of time to check out how the product works.

Will Honeywell 17000-S air purifier work for furnace smoke?

Yes, all the air purifiers including Honeywell 17000-S air purifier are designed to get rid of smoke be it tobacco, kitchen or furnace smoke from barbecue.

What is the warranty for Honeywell air purifier air genius 3?

The air genius 3 from Honeywell air purifier comes with 5 year warranty on repair or replacement issues.

Is Honeywell air purifier effective for germ reduction? If so, what is the CADR rate?

Honeywell air purifier is effective for getting rid of any germs that sit in moist and mold climate. The CADR rate depends on the model that you choose.

Where can I find Honeywell air purifier instructions manual?

You can find them in the official website at the respective product section.

Is Honeywell air purifier ionizer safe to use?

Ionizer has both good and an evil side. While for asthma sufferers it can be quite beneficial, it can also make the symptoms worse. The topic is still sensitive and needs solid evidence on the benefiting section. For those who are having no health issues can definitely go ahead with ionizer as it assists in enhancing the air quality.

What is the best Honeywell air purifier medium room?

Honeywell HA106WHD air purifier is best recommended for medium sized room. An Energy star qualified product, it comes with auto shut off feature and functions silently.

How is the Honeywell 50250-S air purifier noise level?

Well to be honest few reviews say that the noise of Honeywell 50250-S is a bit loud when set in high speed especially in purifiers made for large rooms. However, the result is one of the key points that cannot be ignored. So if you can keep up the noise, you won’t find a better air purifier than this.

Is the motor of the Honeywell quiet clean air purifier covered under the 5 year limited warranty?

Yes, it is but only if it has any defect or workmanship.

Are the Honeywell air purifiers ratings positive or negative?

The air purifiers of Honeywell have been well received by many. Many sites such as, have received an overall 4.2 out of 5 and 4.5 out of 5 stars respectively in their consumer reviews.

Honeywell Air Purifiers